Vodka spiked Watermelon Slices at your next House Party ?

Want to impress your friends at your next house party. Here is one innovative way and your friends will love you for this. All you need is a watermelon a metal cork/ knife & a bottle of vodka or the spirit you prefer.

  • Buy a watermelon and a 375 ml bottle of vodka.
  • Cut a circle in the watermelon so you can see the fruit
  • Open the vodka bottle, insert the open bottle with good force into the area you cut.
  • Let the vodka bottle sit for a while. Do this until the entire bottle has been absorbed into the fruit. Depending on the watermelon this may take a while.
  • Wait a little longer after the bottle is empty, so you can ensure that the vodka can absorb all into the watermelon to make it have a good flavor.spike watermelon
  • Cut the watermelon & enjoy! 
  • If you need to transport the watermelon some where, put a cork in the hole you cut so you will not spill any.
  • You can go wild with what you infuse the watermelon with. It can be cucumber flavored vodka, brandy or even rum for that matter.670px-Plug,-Spike,-or-Cork-a-Watermelon-Step-7

Here is an audio-visual demonstration:

So lets make it a new trend for house & cocktail parties in Mumbai, share this with your friends.


Guys tonight you can Celebrate Father’s Day and Fifa World cup with God Father our Special Edition Cocktail

Celebrate Father’s Day and Fifa World Cup with – God Father

England vs Italy on Father’s Day = God Father

The Godfather, the cocktail, is a marriage of sweet Italian amaretto and Scotch whiskey built over ice cubes. The amaretto imparts a delicate almond flavor, which is absorbed completely by the sweet woody taste of the malty tang of Scotch. The drink was the favorite cocktail of American actor Marlon Brando, Who starred as God Father in the film.



60 ml shot Blended Scotch whisky
30 ml shot Amaretto liqueur (almond liqueur- from Italy)

Old fashion

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

Enjoy this with your dad, and catch up on the big game tonight.