Germany vs USA or Beer vs Football

Guys as the World Cup fever continues, today’s game is a big cracker.

Germany vs USA

We also know the great Jurgen Klinsman a good ole German foe managing the USA today against his country.

Our prediction In stoppage time, Germany steals one and wins 2-1 to win the Group of Death and wins its ticket to the Round of 16. In Joachim Loew we trust.

Apart from the exciting football prospects lying ahead, another common pass time for the Americans and Germans is the beer drinking culture. What better way to enjoy the football or soccer may I say 😉 today with pints of beers. Today there will be several billion litres of beer guzzled down throats all over the world.

Not sure if it works well in India, today Bar Brigade, will help you select your beer for the night.

For the German Contingent, although not many authentic German brews are yet available in India, you might just find the Schneider Weisse with an exclusive distributor in your city.

Schneider Weisse is  Full-bodied, slightly fruity with a mild bitter after taste – the perfect way to wash down all that bratwurst. (the german sausage delicacy)


If not you can try out the brews from neighboring Belgium, completely inspired by the German style. We suggest Hoegaarden and the Stella Artois.

Hoegaarden that creamy Belgian wheat beer hits a home run with its hints of orange peel, coriander and spice.

Stella Artois is the six-century-old Belgian brew comes with a whole set of pouring rituals – and a chalice – but the light, full-bodied taste is worth it.

 Now we also have an option for all the non alcoholic drinkers. Relish the premium and refreshing taste of the Bavaria Malt Regular which is a 100% non-alcoholic beverage with the taste of regular beer. Prepared from highly nutritious ingredients, this beer-like drink prevents you from growing a beer belly. The smooth and enamouring taste of this chilled Bavaria drink will instantly freshen up your senses.

There will surely be the American fans and everyone knows of the best American Beer available in market- The Budweiser, beyond its fresh, light taste, the single best reason to drink Bud is to transport you back to those good old college days.


So put on that bucket hat, enjoy the match tonight and do not forget to guzzle down a few beers while cheering for your team.

Octopus Oracle predicts a tie, lets hope its not.

Cheers !!!