World Cup Fever: Dutch Courage

World Cup Fever is here…

Party in the house today guys… its Spain vs Netherlands tonight…if your’e supporting the Dutch tonight, lets cheer for them and give them some Dutch Courage…

Dutch Courage is a traditional Dutch influenced Gin based refreshing cocktail

Dutch courage

Here’s how you make it simple n sweet.

45 ml London Dry Gin

45 ml Bol’s Advocaat Liquer

30 ml lemon juice

150 ml of apple juice

Just SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass, your drink is ready…

Cheers tot he Dutch !!!


Hydrate yourself with this cool – Watermelon Chiller

watermelon chiller

I’m sure you get a craving of this very cool, slushy, icy cooler when your’e back home after a hard day’s work in the hot & humid Mumbai summers.
Here’s a simple make at home cooler mocktail from the Team of Bar Brigade to get you started,,, and learn from the very best.

We call it the Watermelon Chiller !!!

Water Melon Chiller:


  • 200 gms or 4 cups watermelon sliced/cubed,
  • 350- 400 ml Coconut Water
  • 220 ml soda water & lime for a lil tinge


  • Remove seeds from the watermelon. Slice or Dice them to pieces, arrange them on a tray with wax paper. Spread them flat on the tray and put it to freeze for a few hrs, or preferably a night prior.
  • When thirsty, place the frozen chunks in the blender. Add the coconut water and the soda. if you do not get the desired consistency add more of the coconut water if required.
  • Do not forget to add lime for a lil tinge..
  • A watermelon wedge will not help the drink lose its charm & you will not mind gulping it.
  • Spread the word and cheer to your mates.