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You have taken the first step towards the most modern and efficient website designed to simplify your urge to enter the world of bar and beverage management at an unbelievable price.
We are here to open your minds to help you become:

  • The Top Bartender
  • Wine & Beverage Enthusiast
  • Gourmet & Wine Traveler
  • Expert Socialite

We value your time and money, and hence all our services will be available at your convenience in the comfort of your homes and not to forget at a very affordable price. We pass on our attractive discounts to you on our zero overhead costs.

So what are these special  services on offer ?

  • Bar Brigade’s Online Interactive Course
  • Bar Brigade Store
  • Bar Brigade’s Exclusive Tours & Trails

Now lets understand each of our offering:

Bar Brigade’s Online Interactive Course:
Team Bar Brigade has striven hard to put together a comprehensive audio visual online interactive course comprising of 17 chapters with several hours of video & audio content, all this to satisfy your urge of beverage knowledge at a very affordable price.

Course Features:-

  • You can do this on YOUR OWN schedule
  • Cuts down your travel time allowing you to avail it from the location you choose to.
  • Costs you fraction of the price of a traditional Bartending School!
  • Interactive and highly engaging Training program featuring hours of Instructional Videos, (Spirit production, cocktail making, wine tasting, flaring, and a lot more)
  • Get the bartending kit at a discounted price during enrolment
  • Voice notes that read for you the contents of the lesson
  • Over 10 top international instructors of whose different styles can be inherited.
  • Available 365 days with 100 % consistency throughout
  • Bonus Flair Video Clips
  • Job Placement assistance NATIONWIDE -Work in hotels, restaurants, sports bars, night clubs, resorts, and Cruise ships
  • Timed Exams & Questionnaire’s to ensure you know your stuff
  • Certification at the end of the course
  • Assistance offered in EXCLUSIVE Bartender Resume Creation
  • Help line number call anytime and you can be assured that you will speak with a real live person, not an answering machine.
  • Fortnightly Newsletters offering new learning experiences
  • Updates of events and happenings in India & the World
  • Full refund if you are not fully satisfied! * Must be requested within 5 days of enrollment.

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Now Let’s move on to our second offering:

Bar Brigade Store:

Our comprehensive store features endless products in the world of bar & beverage management.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any other requirement & product not featured in the store from books to equipment’s to glassware to party games etc. We are a one stop shop to all your needs.

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Bar Brigade’s Exclusive Tours & Trails:

Bar Brigade will help you embark on journeys to unexplored locations covering wineries, distilleries and breweries located across the globe. Our expert team have hand-picked packages for you to develop the connoisseur within yourself.

Offering excellent packages for Corporates, Connoisseurs, Tasters, Beverage Enthusiasts, Family Vacationers and also for independent Backpackers, and Budget Travelers.

And its not just that, we also offer add on packages, so if you happen to be visiting the below destinations- you can plan a day or two at your desired winery or distillery. Contact us for our suggestions and we shall guide you through our extremely affordable and the most customized experiences in the field of beverages. For larger groups tasting and appreciation experiences, packages are also offered.

Each of our below  mentioned tours will be guided visits so as to ensure every visit is a learning experience which you shall cherish and remember through your lifetime.

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